Women wishing to have an IUS/IUD fitted will usually attend clinic twice, once for a pre-assessment visit (either via sit and wait or a booked appointment) and then for a separate appointment to have the IUS/IUD inserted.  

Some women may be suitable for the One Stop IUS/IUD Service (only available at Oak Street Clinic in Norwich), where both appointments can be combined. Please note: the One Stop service is only available if you are under 50.

There is a limit of six people accepted at each One Stop clinic, so please come early as these which will be allocated on a “first come first served” basis.

Please download the iud assessment form to assess your own suitability.  Please read this form and the following advice carefully.

  • If you are unable to meet all sections of this form you are unsuitable for the One Stop service.
  • If you have had a difficult or failed previous insertion you are unsuitable for the One Stop service.
  • Conditions/situations that mean the One Stop may not be suitable:
    • Risk of pregnancy – unprotected sex in the past three weeks (withdrawal or “pulling out” is not considered to be a reliable method of contraception)
    • a previous difficult or failed insertion attempt
    • gynaecological problems
    • medical problems such as heart conditions or epilepsy.

You may be assessed as unsuitable for One Stop when you attend, if the above conditions have not been met and it is therefore not medically safe to do so. Instead, you will be re-directed by reception staff to the Sit and Wait clinic for a separate pre-assessment consultation with a further appointment made as/if appropriate.

Norwich One Stop Service times: Mondays only from 09.00 - 11.00 - please present at the ground floor reception when attending the one stop coil clinic. The Patient Information Leaflet has more information. Please note: the one stop coil clinic will not be available on Monday 25 June 2018, Monday 16 July and Monday 13 August 2018.

In some circumstances, staff may decide to postpone or reschedule the insertion procedure if all the above conditions are not met and it would be medically safer to do so.

Please note this self assessment does not apply to emergency IUDs. If you require an Emergency IUD please contact your local iCaSH service or come in to be assessed further as soon as possible.

If in any doubt, please contact us by telephone to discuss first.

We strongly recommend that you watch this short film, as it gives you all the information you need about intrauterine methods.

If you are unable to view the clip above, please visit http://youtu.be/XHRYE2FsXmc