Monkeypox vaccine

A smallpox vaccination is being offered to people who are most at risk to help protect them against monkeypox.

As monkeypox is caused by a virus similar to smallpox, vaccines against smallpox are expected to prevent or reduce the severity of the monkeypox infection. For more information about the vaccine, please click here [PDF].

The vaccine is being rolled out in sexual health clinics across the country.  However, there is currently only a limited supply of the vaccine available and the NHS and UKHSA are allocating additional supplies to London in an effort to break the chains of transmission as quickly as possible so vaccine is more readily available there than in some other parts of the country. 

In light of the constraints in supply, initially, a single dose is being offered to those at highest risk from monkeypox to protect them and help curtail the outbreak.  We will be contacting those that are likely to be at highest risk to come in first, so please don’t call us. As more vaccine supplies become available, those next in line will be offered the vaccine.

In the meantime, gay and bisexual men should be aware of the risks and symptoms of monkeypox and be careful when attending events and situations where close contact may occur. For more information about the availability of the vaccine, please click here [PDF].

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