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Address: 11 Westfield Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2DJ

For the safety of our patients and staff throughout the ongoing pandemic, our service is continuing to provide booked appointments only.

All ‘Sit and Wait’ and ‘Drop-In’ clinics remain closed.

Our Westfield Road Surgery service is a Drop-In clinic, and therefore remains closed.

If you do not have any sexual health symptoms and would like routine screening for sexually transmitted infections, please order a free kit online to complete the test. It's confidential and easy to use. 

If you are unable to order a kit online, or have any sexual health symptoms, please contact us on 0300 300 3030 during the times shown within the table below.

Local Information   

If you need an appointment whilst our Westfield Road Surgery service is closed, please telephone us at 624 South Fifth Street, Milton Keynes on 0300 300 3030 during the times shown in the table below to speak to our team.     

Bank Holidays

iCaSH services are closed on Bank Holidays

Telephone Line Opening Times - please call 0300 300 3030

   Telephone lines open from
 Monday  8.30am 
 Tuesday  8.30am 
 Wednesday  8.30am
 Thursday  8.30am
 Friday  8.30am
 Saturday  9.15am
 Sunday  Closed
 Bank holiday  Closed