Advice and Guidance

What is Express Test, and how can it help me?

  • What is iCaSH Express Test?

  • Why should I test?

  • I’ve had unprotected sex, what should I do?

  • What can I test for?

  • When should I test?

  • What will arrive?

  • How often can I order a kit?

  • When will my kit arrive?

Completing your kit

  • Do I need to send all the tests in the kit back?

  • How should I take my samples?

  • How do I label my samples?

Receiving your results

  • How soon can I expect my results?

  • How will I get my results?

  • What happens if any of my results are positive?

  • Can I access my partner’s details/account/results?

Your account – using the website

  • I have changed my personal details, how do I update you?

  • I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

  • I’m trying to sign up but I’m having trouble, what should I do?

  • I haven’t received my text verification code after registration, what should I do?

  • I’m having trouble logging in – what should I do?