Reproductive Health Survey for England 2023

by Portia Jackson | Sep 09, 2023

Women in England are being encouraged to help shape reproductive health policy by sharing their experiences through completing a landmark survey. 

The survey covers four broad areas:

  • periods and menopause
  • preventing and planning pregnancy
  • pregnancy experiences
  • reproductive health conditions, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The vital information gathered will help our government, health services and the public understand more about the reproductive health experiences of women over time.  It will provide insights in relation to support and services, such as what is working and what could be improved, and will be used to inform current and future government decision-making and health policy.

Click here to read more about the survey.

The survey is running for 6 weeks from 7th September 2023.  If you're a woman, or described as female at birth, in England, and aged between 16 and 55 years, you can complete the survey here.


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