Upon arrival you will be welcomed by a receptionist who will give you a registration form to fill in, which asks for your personal details and why you are attending the clinic.

This will enable us to prepare your notes, ready for you to see the doctor, nurse Lime Tree Clinic reception area in Cambridgeor health advisor. Please give us your date of birth and as many other details as possible, such as your address and contact number. Remember, the information and any notes are confidential and will be kept within the service.

If you wish to see a particular staff member, please tell the receptionist or write it at the top of your registration form. You may need to wait longer until that person is available. Your request may not always be possible if only one doctor/nurse is working in the clinic that day.

If you arrive without an appointment, you may be asked to see a nurse who will decide whether you need to wait to be seen that day or whether you should make an appointment for another time.

If you return to the clinic for subsequent appointments, please remember to inform the receptionist of any change in your personal details (address, mobile number or GP details) so we always have your correct, up to date contact details on your record.

The consultation
If you are attending for a sexual health check you will be seen by a doctor or nurse and asked some questions; Clinic room at Kings Chmabers in Peterboroughsome will be personal and some may not apply to you. You may be asked about previous sexual partners; this is normal (we ask all patients), so please don’t be embarrassed, we're used to talking about sensitive issues. This information will help to inform what advice, tests or treatments you require. 

If an examination is required, you will be offered a chaperone (another member of staff there to support the doctor or nurse and give information).

For women, if you have not been examined internally before, please tell the doctor or nurse who will explain the procedure in more detail.

For male patients, it is important not to pass urine for up to two hours before your appointment, as you might need to provide a urine specimen or do a swab test. There are NO umbrellas (a tiny plastic loop or a swab is put a little way into the urethra (water pipe)) to take samples for testing.

The doctor or nurse will then explain what will happen once you have been examined and tests taken. For more on results, please click here.

If you are attending for contraception, the doctor or nurse will discuss the options available and help you decide which is best for you. You will receive your chosen contraception before you leave the clinic wherever possible, but sometimes you may be given a prescription to take to a pharmacist or an appointment to come back (for example to have an implant fitted). All contraception is free of charge.