Fact or fiction

Myths verses truth

Myths about sexual health are common, so take a look at the scenarios below, to separate fact from fiction.

"I have to strip off in every appointment"

Not at all. Of course, there will be some cases where a doctor or nurse will need to examine you to determine the tests (and any treatment) you will need. On these occasions you can expect to be talked through what will happen and why.

"It's only a service for young people"

False. iCaSH welcomes anyone from all walks of life. Maintaining good sexual health, is as important as your physical and emotional health.

"iCaSH only provide Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing"

iCaSH is a one stop shop. We provide STI testing and treatment, but our experts also offer contraception. HIV care and treatment is available in all of our main hubs except Cambridge.  

"The staff are going to judge me for what I’ve done"

Nothing shocks us. Our staff are used to having conversations about sensitive and personal issues.

"Everyone is going to know I’ve been for a check-up"

We will not tell anyone about your visit unless there are exceptional circumstances (safeguarding concern, national security threat, police cooperation).