iCaSH offers free, confidential and respectful sexual and reproductive health services to everybody, regardless of their gender, orientation, race or religious background.

We follow strict guidelines about using, sharing, disclosing, storing and transferring any information that could identify our patients. Any information you share with our health professionals will not be shared with anyone outside of your local iCaSH without your permission. However, there are some exceptional circumstances where we would need to share your information to keep you safe. For example, if it:

is felt to be in your or the public’s best interest (child or adult safeguarding concerns)

• is required by the police

• could prevent a serious crime (e.g. terrorism).

Even if you’re under 16, your visit will be treated as confidential but you will be encouraged to talk to a parent or carer about your visit, if you can. If we feel that you may be at serious risk of sexual exploitation, then we have a duty of care to share this information with other professionals to keep you safe. In most situations we will share any concerns, and who we’d like to share your details with, with you before we share the information.