Coronavirus update for those who are HIV positive 

The current Guidance from PHE on Social Distancing ‘Staying alert and safe (social distancing) is available here.

COVID-19 vaccination advice for adults living with HIV
For British HIV Association (BHIVA) update on recommendations for third and booster COVID-19 vaccine doses, click here

You can also see the rest of our coronavirus guidance here.

New Community Treatments for COVID-19
There are now several new COVID treatments available on the NHS for non-hospitalised patients considered at highest risk from COVID-19 infection. This includes some individuals with HIV, such as those with a low CD4 cell count and/or a high viral load. These treatments need to be given quickly after beginning to feel unwell and having received a positive PCR test result within the last 5 days. They can stop you becoming seriously ill.

Individuals who are potentially eligible for these treatments should be contacted either by their GP or by their iCaSH clinic to let them know. If you have not heard from the NHS and think you are eligible, your GP or iCaSH service may be able to refer you for treatment if you have a positive PCR test. If you have been advised you may be eligible and you are not contacted within 24 hours of receipt of a positive PCR test result, call your GP or 111.

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