Monkeypox Vaccination Update – 2nd Doses

by Portia Jackson | Nov 26, 2022

The vaccination programme continues to prioritise gay and bisexual men at the highest risk of monkeypox as data shows that the vast majority of cases are within this group. This also includes trans people who meet the criteria for vaccination. 

We are now offering second doses of the smallpox vaccine to those who received their first dose at least 2 months ago.

If you received your first dose at an iCaSH clinic, we will be in touch with you when your second dose is due to arrange this; please don’t call us as we will be unable to book you an appointment.

If you would like to receive your second dose at an iCaSH clinic but received your first dose elsewhere, please click here to go to the national NHS Monkeypox Vaccine Site Finder where you can find your nearest iCaSH site and information on how to get an appointment. 

For more information about vaccination, including how to access first or second doses, please click here.

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