There are a range of staff who work for iCaSH, so keep reading to find out more about each role. We don’t wear a uniform but we should all have ID badges and introduce ourselves to you, so you know who you are seeing.

All staff have received specialist training appropriate to their position. You might not always see a doctor at each visit, as some clinics are run entirely by specialist nurses who are able to dispense some treatment and contraception. There are usually doctors available for advice if required.

  • Receptionist - the first person you will see as you come into the clinic. The receptionist will ask you to iCaSH lanyards for staff identificationcomplete a registration form and a unique set of notes and clinic number will be created for you.
  • Consultant/ DoctorSpecialist Nurse - will ask about any symptoms that you have, take a sexual history and may examine you. They will also arrange for any procedures or tests that are required.
  • Nurse/ Health Care Assistant – will assist patients to prepare for the examination, carry out examinations and tests, explain what is going to happen, answer questions and give information on tests and infections and provide contraception.
  • Health Advisor - If you are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) you may be seen by a health adviser. They can give you more information about the infection and assist you in informing your partner(s). Health Advisers may also see anyone who:
  • is worried about sexual health issues
  • is aged under 16
  • wants information and support on how to protect themselves sexually
  • gives a history of having been sexually assaulted.

Following assessment on-going counselling may be available for some patients, either from iCaSH, via your GP service or other specialist organisation.