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Oak Street

Address: 1A Oak Street, Norwich NR3 3AE (Sat-Nav Purposes: NR3 3QZ)


For the safety of our patients and staff throughout the ongoing pandemic, our service is continuing to provide booked appointments only.

All ‘Sit and Wait’ and ‘Drop-In’ clinics remain closed.

If you do not have any sexual health symptoms and would like routine screening for sexually transmitted infections, please order a free kit online to complete the test. It's confidential and easy to use. 

If you are unable to order a kit online, or have any sexual health symptoms, please contact us on Tel: 0300 300 3030 during the times shown within the table below.

Local Information   

You will find the entrance to the clinic at the side of the building, through the gates. Please use NR3 3QZ for sat-nav purposes. Patient parking is not available on site (except for blue badge holders) - however, there is on street parking close by. The nearest car park is St Andrews Car Park on Duke Street NR3 3AJ.

Please note the link below regarding blue-badge holder use: https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/rights-and-responsibilities-blue-badge-holders


  • C-Card
  • Chlamydia testing
  • Condoms
  • Contraception
  • Emergency contraception
  • HIV testing
  • HIV care
  • Implant and coil fitting for contraception
  • STI testing
  • Support and advice

Coil and Implant fitting   

If you would like a coil or implant fitted or replaced for contraception reasons, you will need to have a pre-assessment consultation before the actual fitting/replacement procedure. This pre-assessment consultation is generally face to face in clinic, but some patients may be eligible for a telephone pre-assessment. Our call handlers will advise you on the most suitable pre-assessment consultation for you.

Norwich offer a One Visit Coil Clinic. Please ask the call handlers when you ring clinic for more information and to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for this service.

If you require an emergency coil following unprotected sex, please contact your local iCaSH service or attend one of our sit and wait clinics, to be assessed as soon as possible.

Please click here to watch short video showing the process of a coil fit. Please contact us on 0300 300 3030 (option 3 for Norfolk and option 1 for Norwich) for more information.

Please note: contraception procedures will require two consultations and are not undertaken in sit and wait sessions

Telephone Line Opening Times 

   Telephone lines open from
 Monday  9am 
 Tuesday  9am
 Wednesday  9am
 Thursday  9am
 Friday  9am
 Saturday  9am
 Sunday  Closed
 Bank holiday  Closed